Can allergy symptoms change overtime?

Can allergy symptoms change overtime?

It has been experienced that allergy symptoms shown over a period of time keep on changing. This especially true in the case of spring allergy symptoms. These changes in the allergy symptoms take place as a result of change in the concentration of allergens in the air during the different seasons of the year. This observation has been found to be true about the allergies caused by pollen as well as mold.

Pollen count

Pollen count is directly related to the amount of pollen produced over an area and how they are released and transported to different areas by air. The duration of growing season and the amount of wind during that time plays crucial role in the number of sufferers of spring allergies in a particular area. Riding global temperature is contributing to longer growing seasons and the rapid urbanization is making less land available for the growth of pollen producing trees and plants. The release of pollen from plants is often affected by the temperature, wind speed, humidity, air turbulence etc.

Pollen allergies

It has been found that some consistent patterns for the distribution of pollen count exist. Pollen count has been found to be lowest in the morning and becomes highest by mid-day. Similarly, pollen count has been found to be low when there is heavy rain fall. Contrary to this general pattern, some instances of more pollen have been experienced on a highly raining day. Electrical discharge has been found to be helpful in increasing the release of more pollen and mold spores.

When the mold concentration or pollen count is high the sufferings of the patients of spring allergies are at the extreme.  Higher concentration of allergens increases the number of allergic sufferers whether it is mild or severe.

These are the main reasons for the variation of spring allergy symptoms found in patients over a period of time say one year. Another factor that contributes for this variation is the fact whether the patients are pursuing treatment from an appropriate doctor or not. Patients who take immunotherapy injections in allergy clinic manassas va may experience any improvement in symptoms over a period of time only. The immune systems response to allergens also undergoes change over a period of time. The rate and the manner in which this change is taking are not known to medical science. However, it has been established that this change in immune system is also responsible for the change of symptoms shown by allergies over a period of time.

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