Tips to keep silk rugs clean

Tips to keep silk rugs clean

Silk rugs are very suitable for areas with low foot traffic. They are delicate and not durable as rugs made of other materials like wool, coir, synthetic fiber etc. Keeping silk rugs in good conditions needs much care and attention and regular cleaning.  I am mentioning below some methods for cleaning silk carpets. Following these methods will make keeping of silk rugs in good condition for a long time, easier and simple.

Silk rugs maintenance

Vacuum: It is better to vacuum silk rugs periodically at least once in every week. Superficial dirt and dust can be removed in this way. As the color and the texture of silk rugs can be affected by aggressive vacuuming, always operate it at low or medium range.

Shake the rug: Shaking the carpet is an easy way clear the dust and sand caught in it.  This will help to relieve dust particles, debris and other materials that are stuck in the silk carpet.

Sweeping with broom:  Silk rugs should not be subjected to harsh cleaning methods. Using a soft broom to sweep the floor on which silk rug is spread can be very useful in removing the dust particle and debris collected on the rug. This can be done as a routing work on every day.

Silk Rug Care

Damages to the silk rugs can be reduced by using them in low traffic area.  Silk is not suitable for high traffic area. Hence silk rugs have to be used as a decorative element and not as protective element.

It has also to be made sure that silk rugs are used only where there is no possibility for any furniture to be placed above them. This will help the fabric to breathe good air and remain in top condition for a long period. This will also help the rug to be free from dent marks and stains.

Blot spills

If some spill has already fallon on the rug and has dried out,   wet the affected area with little diluted vinegar.  Soft detergents can also be used to undo the stain. If the liquid has seeped into the back of the carpet, you will have to remove the stain from the back also. If fresh spilling of the liquid is happening, blot it immediately so that the spill did not stain the carpet and seep to the other side also. Suitable brushes capable of removing the dirt can also be used for removing the dirt, if any.

Dust off gently

If you are not having professional tools used for dusting the surface of the carpets, then you can use cotton or woolen cloths for removing the dust particles accumulated on the silk rug. It is better to buy a brush bristle to use on the silk rugs. With this brush you can sweep all surfaces of the carpet.

Chemicals and hot water

You are expected to use only the cleaning solutions recommended by the companies for cleaning the silk rugs. It is risk to use chemical based liquids for cleaning silk rugs. Similarly, use of hot water can lead to the loss of its appearance and it will start looking dull. If necessary you can use cold or warm water carefully for cleaning the, area oriental rugs.

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