Do You Need Paint Protection Film For Your Car?

Do You Need Paint Protection Film For Your Car?

So you got a new car and are planning to get a car bodywork protection film to cover it for added protection? It is definitely a good move with its fair share of negatives and positives. In this article, we are dedicated to make decision making easier for you by helping you decide whether or not you should get a paint protection film for your car. Is it a wise choice? Is it worth the investment? Let’s find out all about new car paint protection film.

What Is Car Bodywork Protection Film?

A paint protection film is basically a thin layer of plastic sheet-type substance that covers the exterior car surface. Most particularly this plastic sheet is placed over the body of the car that is likely to come in direct contact with damage from the road i.e. the front and back part of your vehicle. In the auto vehicles world, it is known as the ‘car clear bra’. The main purpose of the new car paint protection film is to prevent damage from coming to the exterior surface i.e. paint and built of the body. It basically intends to cover scratches, dents and cracks in the pain coating.

How Much Does It Cost?

So let’s come to the most important part of it all – the cost of the new car paint protection film. If you were to decide on basis of the cost of the protection paint film whether or not, you should get it for your car; the chances are that you will not! The reason is simple – car bodywork protection film is not exactly cheap. In fact, the starting price for it is around a thousand US dollars and can go up to being a few thousand dollars easily.

Looking At The Bigger Picture

Everything has its fair share of good points and bad points too! Hence, we should not only look at one or two factors and make a final decision. It is best to look at the bigger picture first and this can only be done if you choose to look at both possible pros and cons of getting a paint protection film for your car.

Advantages of Paint Protection Film

Looking at the upside, there are several positives in favor of you getting the protection film for your vehicle.

  • It is a guaranteed long-term protection for your car against all types of damage.
  • It helps to retain the market value of your vehicle by keeping it in good form. It maintains the market resale value of your car.
  • It is the only way to ensure your car’s color is long lasting and high quality.

Disadvantages of Paint Protection Film

Unfortunately, there are a few down sides of getting paint protection film for your car as well which cannot be overlooked if you want to make a wise choice.

  • It is very expensive. The cost is an undeniable factor that cannot be overlooked or ignored.
  • The plastic covering definitely messes with the visual impact of your car.
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