How long do European hair extensions usually last?

How long do European hair extensions usually last?

Flaunt your style with European hair extensions for a longer period

There are different types of hair extensions and most of the extensions are made from real human hair or from synthetic fiber and European human hair originated in Europe and the factories process high quality hair and sold it after tying it with a blue thread. Over the past 30 years time, European hair has become a standard for people who want quality and natural extensions. This proves that the high quality European hair extension gives a natural look. But when it comes to know as how long do European hair extensions usually last then it depends on the length, type of extensions and the skills of the hair stylist along with the method used to apply the extension. The applications done by using sew-in and glue-in extension wefts can last for maximum three months but to increase the life make sure to check your extension every 4-6 weeks to ensure that there no problems with your scalp and adhesive holds the extension well. Go to a hair stylist for the application of hair extension and then to get them checked to increase the life of these extensions.

Fusion extensions

The launch of new technologies in the market provide better means for bonded and fusion extensions to make them look more natural.Although,the best and quality hair extensions are expensive and the price depends upon the amount of hair that needs to be applied.

One of the most important things that make the hair extension lasts for a longer period is the method used for its application and aftercare. To get the best results, keep your hair clean and you can use the services of hair extensions salon in case you notice any sign of damage, irritation or any other problem in your extension.

They keep giving a natural look to your hair from a few months to year. In case you are looking for hair extensions for a shorter period like for just for an occasion then clip-in hair extensions are the best and most convenient as they last for a day and needs to be taken out after the purpose of the wearing them. For a period of a month or so, bonded extensions are recommended as hair glue holds it. If interested for a more permanent change, extensions can be added for a look that will last up to 4 months with the help of fused extensions which are hot dried into your hair and lasts for several months.

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