How To Choose A Granite Fabricator

How To Choose A Granite Fabricator

Hiring experienced granite countertop installers is very critical to the successful installation of countertops. You may have the right material but if the job isn’t performed professionally, it is a waste of time and money.

No worries, these tips will help you choose the most experienced granite fabricator for the job.

Know What You Are Paying Exactly

When you are scrolling through your options, the price per square of stone might sound reasonable. However, this price doesn’t include cutting the stone. The installer might charge extra to cut the stone according to your specifications. The entire project could end up costing more than what you imagined. Therefore, get an accurate estimate.

Seek References

Always start with references. This would save you the trouble of contacting each installer in town separately and ask for a quote.

Get in touch with friends and family and ask them if they know a professional granite counter installer. You never know this could land you on a discounted deal.

Don’t Compromise on the Grade of the Stone

The fabricators who advertise rates lower than the market price usually use low-grade stone. Such stone is commercial granite and it needs extra plywood backing for added support.

Once you receive a quote, make sure you inquire about the quality of the stone. If the quality isn’t what you like, look for another installer.

Evaluate Their Previous Work

Never hire a kitchen countertop installer without evaluating their work portfolio. When you go for a job interview, they always ask about your past experience, right? Some employers also call your previous employer to learn more about you. This is exactly what you must do when hiring a fabricator.

They must have experience in not just installing but cutting the stone. Good installers are willing to offer flooring installation too. Checking the quality of work will give you a good idea of what services to expect.

Ask about Cuts, Edging, and Seams

A professional installer will always take a closer look at the batch of stone you have purchased. They are responsible for joining the pieces together. When they will discuss the edges, cuts, and seams with you, they will present with different options.  With this discussion, you will learn a lot about their experience. The right installer will make sure the aesthetics of the stone is not influenced during the process.

Ask About Their Experience and Physical Location

The installer must have at least 5 years of experience in the field. That’s when you know they are professional. But don’t take their word for it. You must visit the office. If they don’t have a physical location, ask yourself where will you take your future concerns to? In that case, it’s a sign the particular installer isn’t capable of producing the quality you want.

Get Bids from at Least 3 Installers

Don’t settle for the first installer you find. There are pretty good chances you will overpay for the installation.

The best approach is to get quotes from at least 3 installers. If you have drawings, always bring them so that you can get an accurate bid. Some installers might ask you to visit your home to take measures so that they can give an accurate quote.

Just be sure this consultation is free. Once you have the bids, choose the installer with the price that fits your budget.

What Equipment Do They Use? What’s Their Approach?

The installer you choose must use the latest equipment. The cuts and seams must have a beautiful finish. Learn about their approach. How do they get started and how do they keep the work site clean.

Professional installers have a professional approach. They won’t disappoint you with their services in any way.

Is The Granite Fabricator Insured?

Most reputable fabricators have insurance coverage of the labor’s compensation. They also have business liability. This ensures that the customer’s property is protected in case of an unfortunate event. The insurance doesn’t just protect the property of the customer from damage but it also compensates the employee in case of an injury. If the installer is insured, you will be in safe hands.

Carefully evaluate the granite company Raleigh NC by following these tips. Once you get positive answers to all your concerns, hire them right away.

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