How to hire the perfect wedding DJ!

How to hire the perfect wedding DJ!

Weddings these days are not just limited to a ceremony but they have transformed into being a full- fledged gala celebration. The occasion not only has the traditional values but also incorporates modernization in form of Dance performances, DJ night, cocktail night, Bachelor party etc. Weddings these days are incomplete without a Disco-Jockey! A DJ is one of the main contributors in creating a fun, gala and happening ambiance at the wedding function. Hiring a good DJ is crucial as he is one of the main foundations of a happy and cheerful wedding. A good DJ will create a zealous setting before the wedding actually starts with the tone, tempo and rhythm. A perfect DJ is someone who not just plays his songs but also someone who is a people’s person, amicable, gregarious and warm. There are many things that you need to consider before hiring a perfect DJ.

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A good DJ primarily needs to have a rich music and songs library. You can compare the songs played by him at the previous functions with your choice to get a better idea. Experience is a big thing that is directly proportional to the success of your function. If you contact a DJ company, you should prefer to hire the owner himself if your budget allows you as he has the best experience, though a back-up plan for the DJ replacement should always be there. When other departments such as food, power etc get delayed or go hay wire, DJ is the one who takes the charge and entertains the guests by just keeping them engaged in something and making them have fun. It is advisable to spend time and hold meetings with the DJ to get the assurance that he will deliver according to the expectations. Equipment is the main accessory of a DJ and you need to make sure that he has the best. A good DJ needs to know and pronounce the names of the party guests. Once all these assurances are done, making a DJ contract is a must.

A contract should have the date, sign and name of the DJ to be hired. The details about the function like venue, date, time etc should be mentioned. The monetary terms and dealings should be lucid like the amount, advance (if any), payment mode, services to be provided, refund etc should be made crystal clear. The spontaneous requests, overtime and service scope should be stated. Other norms, attire and mannerisms expected should be communicated. The back-up arrangements point should be mentioned about the equipment or in case the DJ doesn’t turn up. The contract should be signed by both the parties.

One of the easier and better ways to find a DJ is to ask the organizers of the venue to recommend a good DJ if they would have organized similar functions earlier. A DJ that knows the venue and the support staff can make things smooth and more entertaining. The word of mouth is obviously one of the best ways to hire a wedding DJ.

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