Keratin Vs Rebonding – Which Hair Straightening Treatment Is Better

Keratin Vs Rebonding – Which Hair Straightening Treatment Is Better

There’s a host of hair smoothening treatments in the market, and at times it becomes difficult for you to choose one for yourself when you’re at a hair straightening salon. The variety can sometimes prove to be a little confusing.

People often ask, between keratin and hair rebonding, which one prevails over the other. In order to find it out, you need to study the differences that keep them apart.

Keratin Instills Your Hair With A Natural Protein While Rebonding Reshapes Your Hair Chemically

First and foremost, there should be no two ways about one thing i.e both these hair straightening treatments tend to give you perfectly sleek and smooth hair. The primary purpose both of them serve is quite alike and there aren’t any major differences between the two of them. Rest assured, both straightening treatments have the propensity to produce best results and gain a list of satisfied customers.

Keratin treatment does something that is least likely to damage the real texture of your hair. It instills your hair with a natural protein that goes missing because of the harsh environment we’re supposed to live in. Unlike Keratin, Rebonding does some chemical alterations to the hair and therefore your hair is probable to lose its core nature. At times, your hair is not ready to absorb those alterations, hence it does not respond well to rebonding.

Keratin treatment contains a natural protein that your hair possess from the get-go, but its quantity gets diminished if your hair experiences a rough sort of atmosphere, all this treatment does is refill that protein with abundance in your hair.

Rebonding Lasts Longer Than Keratin

Keratin lasts for at least 3 months, and this is something nobody can deny. Keratin is meant to stay for 90 days at the least. If a proper and thorough after-care gets provided, it can stay for a month more but eventually it is meant to fade. Rebonding, on the other hand, does not live this short. If we try and compare the life-spans of these hair smoothening treatments, rebonding stays longer than keratin. Rebonding lives as long as 6 to 8 months, so to say.

Rebonding provides you almost the same results but for a rather long period of time. The duration for which it lingers is rather long-drawn. This is how it gets a slight edge over keratin. Keratin treatment may beat it in some other aspects but when it comes to duration, rebonding is unvanquishable.

Keratin Is A Bit Costlier Vis-A-Vis Rebonding

When it comes to juxtaposing the prices, Keratin takes the lead as it costs you much more than rebonding. Rebonding is far less expensive and saves you a lot of money. The quality of Keratin cannot be doubted for sure, it certainly provides you the best of silky and smooth hair — albeit you need to be a bit deep-pocketed in order to be able to afford it.

On the other hand, rebonding is cheaper vis-a-vis Keratin. Even if you try to access people with the best expertise in town for their services, it would cost less than Keratin. Even if you opt for the best salon providing rebonding with an utmost finesse, it would, in the end, prove to be very economical for you. Although it varies from salon to salon, no hair stylist demands a skyrocketing price for rebonding.

Keratin Requires More After-Care While Rebonding Is A Bit Lenient With Respect To It

Almost every other hair treatment requires a certain amount of after-care and it is considered to be a prerequisite. You do not get free once you step out of the salon, there are a host of responsibilities that you need to fulfill even after getting one of these treatments done. You got to be in touch with your stylist for a longer period of time.

Keratin treatment by hair stylist Potomac requires more touch-ups than rebonding does. When you get keratin treatment done to your hair, there are a number of things you are obliged to take into consideration. If you turn a blind eye towards any of those precautions, you might end up ruining your hair. There are a couple of things you need to do as per the schedule, or else, you might be paying the price for your negligence.

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