Learn the Art of Creating the Perfect Pairing for Your Throw Pillows

Learn the Art of Creating the Perfect Pairing for Your Throw Pillows

Contrary to popular belief, revamping a room doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Changing the smallest details and pieces could make a huge difference to a room’s look and style.

Here are a few suggestions on how to mix things up:

Pair Patterns with Solid Colors

One of the easiest tricks in the book is to match patterns with bold, solid colors. Put the patterned pieces in front of the solid-hued ones to make the colors pop more. Choosing this method of pairing is pretty safe and it’s a sure bet that the outcome would be pleasing to one’s eye. Even the simple act of choosing the perfect pairings of throw pillows for your couch will give your living room an instant makeover.

Pick Pieces with Different Patterns, but are in the Same Color Palette

Group pillows that come in varying patterns but has the same color scheme. Doing this will bring about a sense of cohesiveness to your design while still maintaining a fun and eclectic feel.

Throw in a Little Bit of Texture

One of the most overlooked ways to pair pillows is to choose pieces with similar shades while throwing in one or two pieces with unique and interesting textures. This style will make your couch look prim, classy and very put-together.

Consider the Shapes and Sizes

The size of your pillows should depend on the size of your couch. Sofas with low backs, for example, should have smaller-sized pillows. Small pillows are perfect for couches with a more traditional style, but if you’re going for a homey, laid-back look, consider using pillows that are a little larger. While square-shaped pillows are the norm in most homes, it’s a good idea to try round and bolster pillows to make the arrangement more visually appealing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

Probably the best rule for creating the perfect pairing is to not aim for perfection at all. Don’t be afraid to combine patterns and hues and experiment on different styles. You could try matching wildly-different floral patterns, pairing contrasting colors or sticking with a preferred theme. As long as the pillows work in harmony with the rest of the room’s palette or design, it should work out fine.

Several online stores such as Pillow Perfect offer a wide variety of tasteful, designer throw pillows to choose from. There are plenty of options, so if you’re considering switching things in your living room, have a go at these pillow pairing techniques.

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