Perfect seating arrangements with wedding table rental

Perfect seating arrangements with wedding table rental

Are you looking to create a difference to your wedding reception? Consider wedding table rentals to make your reception perfect and enjoyable. Everyone will have fun and can associate with each other if chairs and tables are perfect. If the tables are wrong, your guests will feel bored and confused. Besides making the seating perfect, well decorated party tables can also uplift the looks of your venue.

To avoid killing conversation during the wedding, make sure to rent perfect tables and that too well decorated. When you set up the seating arrangement, firstly, place the bride and groom together with groom on the left hand side. There are two ways of seating the guests from here. The best bridesmaid must be seated by the side of the bride and best man in the left hand side. You can also take up round tables to seat the boys and girls perfectly. A lot matters how you place the guests but above these things it is important to rent perfect party tables.

Table decoration tips

Renting wedding tables are must but you also have to consider table decoration. Decorative elements must be placed at the center of the table. The decoration must not consume a lot of space on the table. Include napkins, flower vases and other pieces. The décor of the table must look nice and enticing. You may also use the candles or floating candle bowls. Place candle wreathes on the candle holder. This is really going to look nice and make the table more appealing. When it comes to the bridal table, it needs to be pretty more elaborate than usual tables.

What shades to choose for table decoration?

While you decorate the table, use elements that compliment the overall décor of the venue. Make use of neutral colors like creams, white, baby pink, etc. Such neutral shades will easily match up with other colors. The table of the bride must have white cloth that is offset against the colored table. You can also mix and match the color of the guests’ tables. Use fabulous color combinations to add an element of fun and excitement to the venue décor.

Well decorated wedding tables can be availed as the part of party rentals. Do not make your reception too formal and try out various color combinations. Professionals can really help you out in making choices. Silk bouquets can also decorate the party table.

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