Recover All You Content with the powerful iPhone data recovery software-iFoneMate

Recover All You Content with the powerful iPhone data recovery software-iFoneMate

Do not let all your files disappear to thin air. Did you know there’s a way to get back your friend’s phone numbers, messages, apps and other files to your iPhone? iFoneMate can help you in figuring out how to recover deleted notes on iPhone. Here’s how the service makes easy data recovery possible:

Aside from messages and phone numbers, iFoneMate can also get back your message attachments; call history, your bookmarks on Safari, photo streams and camera roll. These files represent the memories you had with friends, people at work, your travels and more. It’s also good to know iFoneMate supports all iOS devices such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and all other iOS devices. This service is certainly worth a try; it can even be downloaded for free!

In such as busy and fast paced lifestyle we all live in, it would be understandable if you cannot easily transfer all your memories into a hard drive. This is why the iFoneMate can be a relief to have. You can also retrieve your notes, calendar details, WhatsApp and its attachments, voice memo and information on your list of reminders. You can stay on top of your game without having to trace back all your information.

iFoneMate has These 3 Easy Data Recovery Modes

There are three ways to get 100% of your lost data. Any iOS device can get back any lost content from units such as your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Second, you can also recover your files from an iTunes Backup. Lastly your files can be retrieved via an iCloud Backup.

Choosing from the three professional iPhone data recovery modes, you can then scan and search all the data you want to take back. You can then preview these data on your computer. All it takes is to connect your gadget, scan the device or back up hardware and you can already recover your data!

Tips in using the iFoneMate software

If you would like to know how this service works, you can avail of the free trial featured in To have a more effective data retrieval process, you may also want to check your system’s specifications. These can make your device more receptive to the entire recovery of your lost data.

Check your operating system (Windows XP, Vista, 2003 up to 2008, and Mac OS X from Leopard to Yosemite are acceptable), Processors (1GHz Intel CPU and higher) and lastly, if your hard disk has enough space to store back your lost data. 22.16 MB of data would be acceptable. These mentioned prerequisites should enable you to have an effective iPhone data recovery process.

There’s no need to fret if you lost most of your phone’s data. With the powerful and easy-to-use iPhone Data Recovery softwareiFoneMate, you can get back your contacts, messages, apps and many more. Try it for free today!

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