Solutions To Commercial Refrigerator Leaking Water And Freezing

Solutions To Commercial Refrigerator Leaking Water And Freezing

If you have a commercial refrigerator, you might have faced leaking or freezing issues. It has become a common problem for many people. The owners of commercial kitchens also report such issues very often and require commercial refrigerators repairs for that. This guide contains some useful tips to help you deal with these issues.

Why is My Commercial Refrigerator Leaking And Freezing?

Before we discuss the solutions for water leaking and freezing for your commercial refrigerator, it is imperative to know the reasons for these issues. Some of the common causes are listed below so that you can know about the reasons and prevent them further.

Faulty Thermostat

When it comes to the main reason of a leaking commercial refrigerator, a faulty thermostat is the culprit. It should be noted that when the thermostat goes out of order, it can lead to the unit freezing. Moreover, freezing becomes the reason for water leaking issues from the refrigerator. In such cases, you should seek help from a professional appliance repair service.

Temperature Setting

Many a time, the temperature setting is the real problem which is causing freezing and leaking of the commercial refrigerator. When the temperature is set below 32-degree Celsius or below, it will lead to freezing problems. Therefore, you should increase the temperature and check if it resolves the issues with your commercial refrigerator.

Technical Issues

In addition, there are some technical issues which are also the reason for freezing and leaking of commercial refrigerators. Most of the time if there is a technical issue, the compressor is the problem. You need to make sure the compressor is working fine. Moreover, for other technical issues, you will have to call an appliance repairer so that the issue can be detected and fixed.

It is Always Running

Not many people care about their refrigerators. They keep them running all the time without doing refrigerator maintenance. This practice strains the refrigerator, affects its health and leads to freezing issues. Therefore, if this is the problem, you must turn off the refrigerator and use it for some time as needed.

Solutions of Commercial Refrigerator Freezing Issues

Check the Fridge’s Drain

When it comes to fixing the refrigerator freezing and leaking issues, you will start with the drain. Most of the time, the blocked drain is the issue which causes leaking. So, you need to check it and clean the drain in order to prevent this issue. Nowadays, refrigerators come with automatic defrost cycles that need regular care.

Check the Fridge Level

Another solution for the leaking issues of your commercial refrigerator is to inspect the fridge pan which is located on the compressor or under the fridge. When the pan has some cracks or signs of damage, it causes water leaking problems. Replacing the pan or repairing it with the help of a professional repairer will resolve the issue.

Inspect the Seals of the Fridge

According to many experts, the seals of the refrigerator door help prevent any kind of leakage. However, when the seals are worn or damaged, they prevent door closing. It paves the way for temperature change which results in freezing or water leaking problems. Thus, checking and repairing the door seals will solve this problem.

Check the Ice Maker or Water Line

These days, most of the commercial refrigerators come with a built-in ice maker. It is also reported to be a reason for why your refrigerator has water leaking issues. Inspect the freezer and if you see it is the reason, you need to turn off the fridge. Then unplug the switch and inspect the line of the ice maker. It should be fixed if it has any damage.

Cool Down Your Refrigerator

Lastly, it is advised that you should check for how long the commercial refrigerator has been running. If it is heated, you will have to cool it down in order to prevent water leaking issues. Moreover, it is also important to keep the fridge turned off for some time every single day.


There are a number of reasons for commercial refrigerator leaking and freezing issues. Some solutions are provided above so that you can fix these issues at home. Moreover, for fixing these issues properly, hire commercial refrigerator services Northern VA.

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