6 Precautionary Steps To Take For Preventing Allergies

6 Precautionary Steps To Take For Preventing Allergies

Allergies are the biggest nightmare of a person because it is not technically a sickness, but it can ruin your whole day or week once triggered. However, allergy specialist doctors say that allergies can be prevented. How, you ask? Keep on reading.

Know the Triggers

Allergies are most commonly caused by several things, broadly known as allergens. Allergens mostly include certain types of foods, dust, pollen and pet hair. A lot of people are allergic to these things.

Allergies can be prevented if you can prevent these triggers. You can prevent certain types of foods by getting a blood test done. This blood test will let you know what types of food you can be allergic to. These foods include nuts like peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and other broad foods like gluten, dairy products, etc.

As far as allergy from pollen and dust is concerned, you can wear a protective mask, to create a barrier between the dust and you, so your allergies don’t get triggered. You have to make it a habit to take a shower or bath, as soon as you get home from outdoors. Sometimes, dust and pollen can get stuck on your skin and clothes, and if not disposed of properly, you can get triggered by them and it will, ultimately, cause allergies.

Some people are also allergic to pet hair. Pets like cats and dogs, can cause allergies through their fur. So, if you are someone who gets allergy from pet hair, then you might want to stop keeping pets.

Take Your Medications

Medications are important, if you want to alleviate your allergies. Medications are given by allergy doctors, for the future, when you do get an allergic reaction, you will have something on hand to cure it, even if there is no doctor nearby. Not taking proper medications at the proper time, will only do you more bad than good. So, if you don’t want to suffer, then take your medicine timely.

Change Your Clothes Regularly

This is also a very important thing to do. If you are someone who is allergic to dust and pollen, then you must change your clothes regularly. As mentioned previously, pollen is small and can easily get attached to your skin and clothes. So, this is why it’s important for you to change your clothes, whenever you get back home from being outdoors. Putting the pollen-infested clothes straight in the washer, will help you loads in preventing a possible allergic reaction in the future.

Wash Your Hair Before You Sleep

This tip ties in with the previous tip. Just like how pollen can get stuck to your clothes, it can also get stuck to your hair as well. If you sleep with pollen in your hair, then you are bound to get an allergic nightmare. Make sure that, before you sleep, you are washing your hair to get rid of the pollen, that’s stuck in your hair. This will help you to prevent a severe allergic reaction.

Close the Windows

If you suffer a lot from dust and pollen allergies, then the wind is not your best friend. It’s best to keep your windows closed, especially on a super windy day. The wind is the biggest medium for carrying around allergens like dust and pollen, so to protect yourself from it, close your windows and block the triggers. You will see an immediate difference in your allergies, just by preventing wind from coming in contact with you. It also helps to prevent the pollen from creeping in your house.

Opt for Dry Cleaning Than Air Drying

You might have never thought, but during the seasons when the pollen count is extremely high, it is a good idea to dry clean or dry your clothes in the dryer, rather than letting it dry outside. If you let the clothes dry outside, the pollen might stick to your clothes, which will trigger your allergies a lot more. Drying machines are amazing for drying your clothes, because they use heated air to dry your clothes, so you don’t have to be in fear of pollen anymore.

Furthermore, if your symptoms are severe, contact an allergy physician as soon as possible for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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