The Economic Benefits of Family Planning

The Economic Benefits of Family Planning

Family helps the economy because it will help control the population, and there is a better use of resources. You can expect to learn more from this article, which is why you must read on!


Having the chance to decide when you want to start a family and have children is a human right and is the key to better economic development. This is especially true for poor women, but in a lot of developing countries, this is being undermined because they do not have access to modern contraception.

The good thing is that the idea of family planning abortion clinics dc is more widely accepted today. The economy benefits from this and so much more. Read on.

Benefits of Family Planning to the Economy

Study shows that women in the program area are more likely to acquire family planning and have fewer children than women without access to it. Women who are part of this program are nutritionally healthier with a better body and mass index. They were most likely given antenatal care and enough space between the birth of their children. Women also have lower risk of dying from complications brought by their pregnancy.

Early Legal Access to Contraception

During the early 1960s, when the individual is granted adult rights, most of unmarried women younger than 21 did not have access to it that time. From 1960 to 1970, the states passed laws to lower the age limit of when they can get access to the pill. Therefore, women ages 18 to 20 were already allowed to take it.

Children are Better Educated

Education is helpful when it comes to alleviating poverty by increasing literacy and preparing better-paying jobs for students. Education was not part of the family planning program before, but the greater family income because of having to provide for fewer children could have helped these families. Even if education benefits both genders, the children are more likely to be educated and reach a higher level of education because their parents can afford it.

Enough Public Funding

Aside from legality, affordability is the main determinant when it comes to access to contraception. Families with federal funding started in 1964 and the goal is to fund their education, provide counseling, and provide low-cost contraception when birth control pills are not affordable to everyone. It was in 1973 when they started rolling out programs in different countries. This allows variation, and they were able to reach more areas. Using country-specific programs gives women better access to contraception, especially that it is one of their rights to decide when they want to have children.

Better Water Access

Households belonging to the program have more accessible water over time, and there is enough for everyone because the population is controlled.

Since there is family planning, the number of women’s pregnancy termination DC has grown, and they can legally perform abortions making it safe for all their patients.

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