Which are the most popular hair styles?

Which are the most popular hair styles?

As hair is the most visible part of a human being and as it plays a crucial role in defining the personality of a person much importance is given to it. This has resulted in the emergence of many hairstyles and many other beautification procedures related to hair. Most popular haircuts include some well known styles of the previous year as well as some newcomers in the current year. The classic Pompadour  style occupies the first haircut and hairstyles  followed closely by side parting, the undercut and the taper fade. Let us try to understand some of them

Pompadour haircut

This was the dominant hair style in the 18th century and it still retains its crown. Today male celebrities are embracing this style again.  This style also has its influence in the newly emerging hair styles like side parting and undercut of the present day.  At present this style is followed by short lengths at back and sides. The short cut is not too short to show the scalp. If some tapering can be provided it will reveal stronger shape and will emphasize the facial hair also. This style gives a rugged masculine look for men with short or long beards. This style is not intended for lazy people as it needs great care and upkeep for proper maintenance.  Every day you will have to spend some time for making this style perfect and you need to meet the hairstylist at least every few weeks to get the style cleaned up.

Side parting hairstyle

The traditional side parting style cannot be considered as retro any more as they are followed by many prominent actors and TV stars. Don Draper is a well known personality who demonstrates the masculine and classic effect of this hair style. It is easy to adopt this style for persons who already follow slick hair cut style by just providing a deep side part. This style is very formal and most suitable for a wedding ceremony.


Undercut is the latest arrival in this arena. It looks very cool and gives a satisfied and contented feeling to the user. This style is perfect for summer. All you have to do is to ask your barber to trim your side more than the top. It is better to avoid cutting short in the areas where there is a cowlick. For people with thin hair, brushing down with a comb with the help of a dryer will be useful. For people with thick hair, it is better to use a pomade and flat iron and make it smooth. As the length of the hair is short in the sides this hair style will be very comfortable during summer.

Taper fade

Taper fade style is worn by celebrities like Drak, Ludacris, Shemar moor etc.  This hair cut can be done at home and therefore this has become very popular. With the help of an electric hair clipper and guides used for attachment, the control over the hair length is obtained and it helps to achieve a taper fade. But if you prefer sharp lines, it is better you go to hair salons Potomac md. Celebrities like Drake, Shomar Moore etc are the protagonists of this hair style.

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