Everything one needs to know about basement tanking systems explained

Everything one needs to know about basement tanking systems explained

Basement tanking systems as well as cellar tanking systems are slurry or liquid applied coatings that form a tank around a complete structure or part of a structure that is either basement or cellar.  In simple word cellar tanking systems and basement tanking systems are one and the same thing. When water proofing a tank below the ground level is considered it is required to apply some sealing elements, install drainage pipes and sump pumps. The different components needed for basement refinishing are built-up in the site itself according to the requirements of the cellar water proofing project.

Multi-coat renders for tanking system

Present day’s basement tanking consists of polymer modified multi coat systems using cement as the base.  These include water proofing mortars, water proofing renders, water proofing slurry coats etc. These cement based materials are ideal for enclosed premises like cellars and basements as they do not contain any inflammable material or other dangerous substances. These materials can be used for external surfaces also when they have access to such surfaces.

Tank slurry systems

The inner layers are completely slurry applied less demanding tanking systems. Water proofing projects that are not under hydrostatic pressure is an example. These are called as tanking slurries. These are usually applied with slurry brush in 1-3 coats according to the requirements of the water proofing project.  The second and third coat can be applied as spray in some situations.

Refurbishing of basement tanking systems

Traditional basement tanking systems consisting of bitumen or polymer modified bitumen still exist in some places. But the smell coming out of these tanks due to the presence of bitumen content is unbearable and therefore it is considered as not suitable for internal use. They can be well suited for external surfaces if they are accessible.

An advantage of basement tanking systems is that it can be applied on different substrates like brickwork, concrete, natural stone etc. Therefore they are used to provide additional decorative or vapor tight finishes as required. Basement tanking systems are now widely used for structural water proofing of underground tanks and for refurbishment needs also. The cement based renders should be applied as maximum as possible on the structures so that they become dead load and gets installed and avoids subsequent cracking or settlement of the system.

Tanking systems and installation

As detailed in the contractors’ page of the waterproofing site, basement water proofing has to be carefully planned and meticulously executed.  The persons executing such projects should be fully qualified and fully aware of all the structural and technical matters plus the requirement of the owners. They should also know the implications of any failure in the water proofing or leakage. As recommended in BS 8102(2009) the water proofing professional should be part of the design and construction team.

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