Your holiday in Austria, not just mountains

Your holiday in Austria, not just mountains

Weeks before Christmas the Austrian ski lifts open and the first skiers make their descents. It is still quiet on the slopes. Who wants to enjoy that peace can also book for the first two or three weeks January.

If you want to avoid the crowds find out when countries like Germany and the Netherlands have their school holidays. This is usually a week in February. Then it’s rush hour, also on the road to Austria. Hotels are fully booked and that is why a lot of visitors make their reservation one year ahead. If you do not like skiing is the summer a better time. You can still climb the mountains. Each holiday area an open gondola or chairlift which in winter transport people with skies. In summer, In summer, hikers make use of it as well as mountain bikers. First find out which region you want to visit. Not whole of Austria is covered by mountains. In the Steiermark region the mountains lower. You take a hotel in this region if you like water, because op Steiermarks lakes.

If you take a flight to Innsbruck, you land in the Inn valley surrounded on both sides by mountains. Many international flights take you to Munich in Germany. If you like the shortest journey by train, bus or car, you choose the Tyrol as a final destination. Besides hotels apartments are popular in Austria. In the villages apartment buildings were build, where you rent a room, bedroom and kitchen. Fortunately, the Austrians have most of these build in Austrian style. That is one of the aspects that make Austria so pleasant.

Because the country also like to attract summer tourists there have been many developments last decades. Today you can, provided you choose your region well in advance choosing, even enjoy cycling. Especially now that everywhere you can rent a bike, which helps you on slight hills. Also you can choose for one of the holiday bicycle routes along winding rivers in the valley like the Salzachbach. Then sleep every night in a different hotel or bed and breakfast. In Upper Austria you cycle along the Enns. Vorarlberg go 270 km you around Lake Constance.

If you go to Austria check many hotels to Austria on internet. In the summer they often offer attractive all-inclusive packages. Winter is for most hotels peak season. With nice packages they make a summer stay attractive too. From these European countries most families stay at campings or holiday bungalows

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