What are 5 of the Most Common types of Orthopedic Surgeries?

What are 5 of the Most Common types of Orthopedic Surgeries?

Orthopedic surgeries are the operative processes that deal with the skeleton and muscles in the human body, and are conducted by orthopedic surgeons. This type of operation helps correct issues arising in the tendons, ligaments, attachments and skeleton. Some other common issues occur from damages due to aging and injury to the spine. The range of curative processes includes joint replacement, spinal fusion, hand reconstruction, amputation, traction etc. Find out about 5 of the commonest types of orthopedic surgeries.

Total Joint Replacement Surgery

These are recommended to people with severe joint pains and acute arthritis. This type of operations helps people get higher range of motion. Once patients recover, they suffer from lowered pain and can lead life as normally as possible. While undergoing treatment, patients have their damaged areas of the joint assessed by local orthopedic doctors or surgeons. These are completely replaced with plastic or metal parts that allow natural motions without aches.

Total Shoulder Replacement

It helps a lot in reducing aches and improving the movements of joints over time. The damaged cartilage and bone areas are replaced with plastic or metal. The range of motion is significantly improved by this kind of operation.

Spine surgery

It is an extremely complex operative process. Severe back pain is one of the commonest causes for undergoing this kind of surgery. After the operation is completed, patients have reduced pain and find a major improvement in activity and movement. Spinal fusion is one of the commonest back surgeries, which involves joining of two back bone vertebrae together. This limits movement and lowers pressure on the spinal cord, thus lowering the painful sensations.

Knee Replacement

The process involves removing the cartilage of the knee joint and placing a plastic and metal implant in its position. The implant can be tethered by knee injury doctor woodbridge va in various ways, based on the knee condition. The process aims at making bone tissue grow about the unit, and introducing it into the knee in an almost natural way. The operation is reserved most commonly for people with extremely acute pain due to advanced cases of arthritis.

ACL Reconstruction

This involves the surgery for the Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL, one of the prime ligaments that make knee motions stable. When the ligament ruptures, it involves restructuring. An orthopedic and spine specialist can conveniently reconstruct the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. Screws and other tools are used to secure the new ligament in proper position.

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