How Tower Cranes Work?

How Tower Cranes Work?

This post will help you understand the working and functionality of tower cranes owned by crane services and crane rental services. At the end of the post, you will be able to better understand tower cranes and take better care of them.

What is a Tower Crane?

You might have seen cranes working on construction and other large sites. They are installed in the ground and with the help of towers, heavy weight and machinery is moved and these cranes rise hundreds of tons in the air. They make moving heavy objects easy. But you should also understand how they work.

Parts of a Tower Crane

Like other cranes, a tower crane also has some parts that are very important in order to let the crane work. Some are listed below.

  1. The first thing is a concrete pad. This pad is used as a foundation for the crane and the base of the crane is then fixed here with bolts. The concrete pad is made in advance and usually three to four weeks before the work stars. The pad is normally 30-40 feet wide and 4-5 feet deep. It endures a base weight of 400,000 tons.
  2. Then comes the mast. This is the larger tower that goes in the air and fixes the crane with ground. The mast of a tower crane is just like the mast of a large ship.
  3. The long arm of the tower crane that reaches and moves in the air carrying weights in called jib.
  4. At the top of the mast, a mechanical united is installed that helps the crane rotate. This mechanical component is called slewing unit.
  5. Then comes the machinery arm which extends in the opposite direction of the jib and this part maintains the balance of the crane while load is lifted and moved.
  6. There is also an operator’s cab for crane professional choreographs.

How They Work?

Many crane rental services work in every area. All the crane services have their own drivers and operators. That shows not everyone can operate these cranes but you need special knowledge. In this section, we will learn what is the factor that makes operating crane special. In other words, how they operate and work.

We have learned about the parts and components of the tower cranes. The concrete pad is created and made few weeks before the work starts. Once the pad is complete, the crane is brought to pad and it is then grounded. The pad is wide enough to contain the crane and its bade.

Once it has been installed, the crane is tested in order to make sure everything is fine. The other parts like mast, slewing joint and jib are fixed with the crane. These components make the crane work. When the crew is sure about the crane that is fine and ready to work, they start using it. The operator sits at the place and makes the machine work.

The weight, heavy items and load is carried and moved in the air. Then the operator places the weight or items at their spot where they are used. The working of the tower crane is dangerous because too heavy load can damage the towers. So always use load within its capacity to avoid accidents. Furthermore, choose good crane services when you need tower cranes.

How Much Weight Tower Cranes Lift?

We have already stated the tower cranes have a certain capacity and they lift the weight within that. Any more weight can lead to mess and cause damage to the building, structure, cranes as well as the people working there. Below are some details about how much weight tower cranes can lift.

  • Maximum unsupported height: 265 feet
  • Maximum reach: 230 feet
  • Maximum lifting power: 19.8 tons
  • Counterweights: 20 tons

Renting Tower Cranes

When it comes to renting tower cranes, you need to consider a number of factors. There are many crane rental services VA in every area. But you should do some research to find the best crane services. Make sure they have quality tools and machinery.

While hiring a crane service, do check if there have been any accidents on their side due to the cranes. The rate of successful projects shows how good quality cranes and tools they have.

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