A Helpful Guide To Silk Rugs

A Helpful Guide To Silk Rugs

Silk rugs are usually more expensive than woolen, cotton and jute rugs. They are by far the costliest and hence most valued of all the rugs consumed by various people across the world. Before you search for silk rugs near me, here’s a little guide to your favorite silk rugs.

What Is A Silk Rug And What’s It Made Of?

A silkworm usually cocoons itself for quite a while and produces the finest fiber called silk. Silk looks delicate but it is strong enough to be knotted. Some dabblers might be scared of trying their hand at silk rugs because of lack of knowledge and skill but a true artist knows that silk is strong enough to take all the working that needs to be done on it. Silk fiber is basically a protein fiber and it can carry nearly 30% of its weight when in water. A silk rug is made of silk produced either by a wild or by a pet silkworm – both of them give a fine result but domestic silkworms are always a priority for those of you who want the finest. Never to forget that a silk rug always has a high knot count, it is meant to have a high density of knots.

Real Silk Rug Vs Art Silk Rug

There are so many fraudulent vendors in the market who are sitting there to trick you into buying a not-so-real silk rug. You should know that there are two kinds of silk rugs out there — real/pure silk rugs and art silk rugs. Art silk rugs are found cheaper than real silk rugs if the vendor is an honest person and he does not conceal the truth, but at large markets, customers are being fooled into buying an art silk rug at the price of a real silk rug.

In order to tell a real silk rug from an artificial silk rug, you have to make sure these two things are there: a real silk rug will have silk fringes distinct from the rug while an art silk rug will have fringes sewn in it, and a real silk rug will always have a high knot count (at least 200 knots per square inch).

Is A Silk Rug Vulnerable To Any Sort Of Bugs?

A silk rug is prone to moth and carpet beetles as it is a protein fiber. There are several bug killers and preventers that are easily available in the market and you can fetch them to rescue your silk rug from any potential harm these bugs could cause. If you choose to place it where there’s no chance for the bugs to attack it, you do not need to take any precautionary measures. You are safe and good to go!

Is Silk Rug Easy To Take Care Of?

Well, it would be too optimistic of you to think that silk rugs are a cup of tea. They are a bit more fragile and could behave like an eggshell. You have to be continuously watchful of them all the time. You can’t place it somewhere and then forget about it. Silk rugs are not as rough and rigid as cotton rugs; even woolen rugs are stronger than them and can endure toughness of pollution and contamination. Therefore, it is incumbent on you to give your silk rug its due probe.

Is Silk Rug Washable And Traffic-Friendly?

Silk rug is washable but an artificial silk rug isn’t. Its strength starts fading within 2-3 washes, it begins to grow weaker. You can wash a silk rug at home too but some people prefer giving it to an expert cleaner who knows to handle it with utmost care. There are so many professional cleaners who would wash your silk rug at a reasonable rate without letting it be damaged to any extent.

No, it is not traffic friendly, so to speak. That’s the reason, you should place it where there is little to no traffic. A silk rug can endure low mobility but it is an absolute misfit for a heavy-mobility area. Its texture might get ruined if it receives a lot of traffic every day. Hence, take a note!


Silk rugs can be a great item of shopping for those who like their house filled with beguiling and close-to-nature things. Most rug stores Alexandria have them so you won’t have problem finding them.

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