Afghan Hand-Knotted Rugs – Purchasing Tips

Afghan Hand-Knotted Rugs – Purchasing Tips

Purchasing a good quality Afghan hand knotted rug could be a daunting task. However, if correct material comes in hand, the results could be highly rewarding. Let’s discuss about certain tips to understand the rug buying process:

Looking for excellent hand knotted rug

There could be some kind of irregularity, but a good Afghan rug would always be superior in terms of quality and durability. When hand knotted, it would definitely lie flat on the floor while being somewhat straighter. These rugs are made from lustrous and lively wool or some other kind of fiber. The colors are in proper balancing mode that would never blend or fade away. With intelligent finishing touch, there would always be a sign that it would never be unnaturally shiny, unpleasantly bright, or totally washed away. It would never be harsh on the skin. True Afghan rug would also possess a certain sophisticated feel that clearly indicates the skills and efforts being shown by artists over the years.

Judging on the quality of hand knotted rug

While trying to make the purchase, it is absolutely necessary to look for a trustworthy rug dealer. Look for a store that sells the best quality Afghan knotted rugs. There would be definitely some quality dealers available. You just need to keep your eyes open. Best quality and reputed dealers would possess the best of knowledge regarding the Afghan and any other rug variants. They will always guide you to understand different rugs, the materials used, along with the quality factor. They would never sell the rugs that are manufactured of poor quality materials. They always prefer experts to design the rugs. In case, you are feeling somewhat uncomfortable with the dealer, you are free to move on and look for other options available.

Proper planning is essential

First of all, it is absolutely necessary to have a proper measurement for the total area that you want the rug to be covered. Accordingly, look for the right sized rug. There should be pine floor border that should match all the way round the rug. Look for different sizes. Greater the range better would be the options to make the pick from. Also, you need to make up on whether it’s about the contemporary designs or something more traditional. Always opt for Afghan hand knotted rugs Virginia since they promise to have higher quality. They involve stenciling a certain pattern on back of the rug. This is followed by threading the yarns into designing.

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