How to Help Someone Having an Asthma Attack without an Inhaler?

How to Help Someone Having an Asthma Attack without an Inhaler?

Helping someone who is struggling through asthma attack without an inhaler can be a frightening experience. The series of thoughts like calling an asthma doctor, buying asthma medicine or asking others for help, may run in your mind but don’t panic. In order to help asthma patient, it is important that you maintain your clam. Only a stress free mind can take an apt decision. So, just keep yourself calm and then try to help the asthma patient.

How to help asthma patients?

Asthma attack occurs when the airways get inflamed or blocked due to mucus. This condition does not allow the patient to breath. The chest feels tighten and the lungs produce a wheezing sound. Thus, in such situation, inhaler clears out the blockage and allow patient to catch breath. But if an asthma patient forgets to take asthma pump and asthma attack occurs, it is still possible to survive. You can help asthma patients to survive during an asthma attack.

Instructions for helping asthma patients during asthma attack

#1: Call for help: Even if you don’t know anything about asthma and asthma attacks, you can help the asthma patient by calling 911. Or you can also call someone you know who has asthma inhaler. This backup plan will help if your other methods fail.

#2: Coach him or her to breathe:  Tell asthma patient to take a deep breath. Coach him (or her) to breathe in through the nose and breathe out through the mouth. Rub the patient’s back to calm down. In addition, this breathing method lets the old air to move out and new air can come in.

#3: Bring the inhaler: If a patient tells that he or she has the inhaler then, help him (or her) out in locating the inhaler. Else if you find that patient is somewhat stable, bring inhaler from the nearby pharmacy store.

#4: Relax the patient: Try to relax asthma patient as much as you can. Lean him (or her) forward on the table. This position will allow more air to enter into his (or her) lungs.

#5: Try to locate a nearby asthma clinic: Even if the patient survives, take him or her to the asthma clinic.

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