Wedding Activities During COVID-19 – From Low To High Risk

Wedding Activities During COVID-19 – From Low To High Risk

Most summer weddings were postponed due to COVID-19. However, now some people are willing to get married, planning with vendors and wedding party rentals to do it in the simplest way possible. Here’s a list of least and most risky things to do during a wedding.

Low Risk Wedding Activities

A virtual audience attending your gathering

You can allow people to be a part of your wedding through their livestreaming. They do not have to be present there in-person; they can cheer you tying the knot with your most special person being home. It doesn’t mean that they are supposed to witness your wedding in a bathrobe or a sweatshirt; they can sit in front of the camera all dressed up for a wedding.

A live audience attending your wedding from their cars

An outdoor wedding has been a dream-to-live for most people on earth. You can bag this opportunity and arrange an outdoor wedding with you and your partner and the minister initiating the ceremony standing fairly close to each other while your guests viewing it live from their cars parked around.

Aerial videography and photography

People tend to come close to each other for photographs and stuff which you can be totally avoid. You just hire a professional videographer cum photographer who catches all your special moments via a drone camera.

Moderate Risk Wedding Activities

30 in-person guests sitting apart from each other

30 guests are not too many to handle; your wedding is not meant to look so crowded with only 30 guests present there. Also, make sure you place them distant from each other.

One-person entry at a time

You can be a little more vigilant at the entrance point; you can disallow more than one person to enter at the same time. Let’s say, if two guests arrive at the exact same time, make the other entree wait for a couple of seconds until the entrance gets all vacant.

Everybody with the masks on

Do not grant any entry without the mask on; even if some guest brings a toddler, make them cover the baby’s face.

No welcoming handshakes or hugs

Break the norm and do not shake hands with anyone you receive at the entrance point. A firm ‘hello’ would do the trick and no physical contact is hence required.

Packaged food distributed among guests. No self-serve dining

Cancel the buffets and bars once and for all. Bring a little uniqueness to your wedding during COVID-19 by introducing packaged meals that your guests can take home if they want to avoid eating in the presence of strangers who might be prone to the fatal virus.

High Risk Wedding Activities

More than 50 guests attending the wedding

Most countries have banned weddings with more than 50 guests on the list. Hence, if you invite around 100 guests, despite all the social distancing measures, you might be putting people at a great risk to be exposed to the virus.

An open bar

Weddings usually have open bars where drinkers enjoy. This is where people are likely to gather even if they are seated distantly.

Self-serve dining

Buffets and bars are places where people go shoulder-to-shoulder with each other. That’s when they are most likely to be exposed to a virus as deadly as COVID-19.

People who are above 50 years of age join the wedding

People regardless of their age and sexual orientation are at the verge of falling prey to the virus, but there are people above a certain age who are more susceptible to the virus than the rest of us. Just because they have a comparatively weaker immune system, they are more likely to catch the virus and transmit it to the masses.

Dancing floor making people duck the social distancing rules

It is very hard, in fact, impossible to take care of social distancing when you are on the dance floor. That is where you are least likely to keep a distance from strangers invited to the same wedding. If there’s a dance floor in your wedding, you’re running yourself at high risk.

Guests closely seated

If guests are seated so close to each other that they can feel each other’s breath while talking and laughing, your wedding is gonna fall under the category of high-risk weddings.

Hire wedding tent rentals Rockland NY, decorators, and caterers who follow the rules in place to have a safe wedding.

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