Self-care tips for tennis elbow

Self-care tips for tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is an elbow condition that is also referred to as lateral epicondylitis in the medical world. This condition is caused by a stress injury that is repetitive in nature. As a result of which, an inflammation of the tendons occurs. Ultimately, it may or may not require the attention of an elbow injury doctor.

The reason why it is called the tennis elbow is because it is very common among tennis player due to repetitive elbow movement.

However, fortunately, this is a minor yet a painful condition that you can easily treat at home. But if the symptoms are unbearable and you have a fever along with it, then reach out to your doctor right away!

Delaying it in that case would simply make the condition much worse.

Self care tennis elbow tips

In this article, we put together several tips that you can use to treat tennis elbow at home easily. These include:

Get Rest

When it comes to Tennis elbow, the one thing that is totally necessary is rest. Without rest, you will not be able to treat the condition in time.

While resting the elbow may simply feel like a very simple solution, it is an effective one. Most minor injuries and inflammations related to the tendons can resolve with minor rest only.

So while you are suffering from it, make sure that you are avoiding all unnecessary elbow movements as much as you can. You would not certainly want to irritate your tendons even more when they are already inflamed.

Ice the elbow

Ice is considered to be a great pain number. It can reduce your inflammation. However, never apply ice directly on your skin otherwise it could damage your nerves. Rather, wrap ice inside a cloth and hold it for 15 seconds at a time only.

Use this treatment at least 3 times a day to get the best results. Some people also make use of frozen peas as they do not melt and you can re-use them. Also, the bag is able to mold itself in any shape that way.

Provide support

Next step is to get some elbow support. Make sure that the support you are getting is certified from a reliable authority in the medicine industry.

Gentle exercise

This is an advanced form of treatment and we suggest you do not get it without the help of a physical therapist. Gentle stretching can actually help you a lot but note that if you overdo it, that can actually worsen your joint pain symptoms. So, you would definitely not want to overdo it.

Pain relievers

Alternatively, you can also take OTC pain relievers such as Naproxen, and ibuprofen. This will help you a lot and will relieve all your conditions such as nausea. In case you still have pain after some days, then reach out to your doctor immediately.

Furthermore, read the instructions on such medicines to avoid symptoms such as nausea. And never exceed the recommended dosage. Only a doctor will be able to guide you better with such medicines so we suggest you not use them without the guidelines of a doctor.

Ending note

Tennis elbow is easily curable with some rest and precautions. Though, seeing a doctor is still in your advantage as it will help you in healing yourself quicker. Furthermore, a doctor will be able to take a look at your condition and give you more advice if necessary.

So, if you are suffering from tennis elbow, then reach out to an Orthopedic elbow specialist McLean today and get an appointment for your condition. But before doing that, do read the clinic reviews on the internet.

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