What is needed for Total Shoulder Replacement?

What is needed for Total Shoulder Replacement?

Nowadays, individuals have the alternative to consider shoulder replacement, in case of osteoarthritis or accident that has damaged the joint of the shoulder and the movements become extremely painful. Shoulder replacement surgery might be considered if your severe pain affects your daily activities or your normal life becomes very difficult.

The shoulder joint is known as one of the most complex joints in the human body. The joint is formed by the three bones such as scapula, clavicle and humerus and supported by the ligaments and tendons. The clavicle, humerus and scapula are joined together and help the shoulder in 360° motion of the human body. This joint is extremely mobile and provides people a greater range of motion. There are excessive numbers of muscles and ligaments that are needed to keep the joint together.

What is total shoulder replacement surgery?

If the people have severe arthritis on their shoulder, then extremely painful bone-on-bone arthritis might be occurred in the human body. In this case motion can be restricted. With proper medication like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory or cortisone medicines, the pain can be tolerated. These types of medicines are administered through localized injections. In some case, where medication has very small amount of success, the shoulder surgery is recommended by the doctors. If you experience the following symptoms in your shoulders like basic activities can be restricted due to pain, shoulder stiffness, motion is limited, tenderness and joint swelling, you have to contact with doctor immediately. According to the severity of the pain, doctors usually prescribe the treatment.

So how does total shoulder replacement work?

The shoulder pain can be permanently alleviated by the artificial replacement of the shoulder. These artificial shoulders are made with either plastic or metal. The shoulder joints are rotating joint which has variety of features. You will have to thanks this socket joint as it helps to a huge range of motion of the human body. If the shoulder surgery is happed, the ball and socket joint is replaced from the top of the reinstated and humerus with the new plastic or metal implant. A half moon shaped can be added to a stem that is inserted straight middle of the arm bone. After that, socket can be replaced with a plastic socket that could be permanently fixed into the scapula. The goal of this shoulder surgery woodbridge va is not only reducing the pain, but also improving the general movement of the shoulder.

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