All you want to know about implants for teeth

All you want to know about implants for teeth

Dental implants are an easy way to replace the missing teeth. As they are easier and reliable more dentists are practicing it and thus cheap tooth implants are becoming very popular these days.  Dental implants are used to replace the lost or damaged tooth or teeth. As the implants are attached to the jaw bone, they are permanent and very useful in solving problems related to missing of teeth, damaged teeth etc. Generally, there are two types of implants. They are subperiosteal and endosteal.  Subperiosteal implants are intended for patients who have minimal bone height. Superiosteal implants are placed over your jaw and the metal framework will be protruding through the jaw. Endosteal implants are fixed to the jaw bone with the help of blades, screws and cylinders. This implant is suitable for patients with removable dentures or for bridges. There are mini implants also. These are smaller implants and are usually used for replacing the missing incisors as well as front teeth.

Dental surgeons carry out   implants for teeth through dental surgery.  The jaw bone of the patient serves as the roots of the missing teeth. The jawbone slowly fuses with the metal and the implant becomes secure there.

Who are suitable for dental implants?

  • Patients whose jaw bone is not fully grown
  • Patients who have healthy jaw bone capable of supporting the implant
  • Patients whose oral tissues are healthy
  • Patients who are healthy and not have any problem that may interfere

What is done?

To avoid pain during the surgery anesthesia is administered to the patient. The form of anesthesia to be used for implants for teeth will be decided by the dentist taking into consideration all the relevant facts. The surgeon will cut open gum and using a drill he will create a hole in the jaw bone. The dental implant cylinder is then placed in the hole. This cylinder will fuse with the jaw bone in due course of time and will become the root for implant.  After proper fusing, which may take three to six months the surgeon re open the gums and places an abutment over the cylinder. This will heal within a couple of weeks. At this stage the surgeon makes impressions of natural teeth and with the help of this impression he makes crowns to fit in the required places. The crowns for cheap tooth implants artificial teeth are then placed on the abutment.

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