Doing the chimney crown repair with precision like a professional

Doing the chimney crown repair with precision like a professional

Chimney crown repair is must to take if there are cracks in your chimney. The concrete area of the chimney can allow the rain water to seep through the interiors. Water seeping down the walls can create a perfect environment or breeding ground for mildew, mold and termites. They are invasive organisms that lead to extensive damages. The repair cost may come around to thousands of dollars. In fact, the home can become an unwholesome place to reside in. It is important to get the chimney inspected to prevent expensive repairs. Take up inexpensive preventive maintenance work to prevent it from further deterioration. Follow the chimney repair steps to repair the holes and cracks.

What is chimney brick repair?

Chimney brick repair needs to be undertaken when there is problem in the brick due to poor installation, bad initial designing and harsh weather conditions. Chips, cracks and mortar deterioration can damage the structural integrity. Professionals can perform brick repair, fireplaces, chimney walls and porches repair. The repair work needs the matching brick color and proper texture with the existent material. The professional will assess the brick restoration project and the brick repair to ensure the perfect integration of new repair with the existent aged mortar and brick.

Steps on conducting chimney repair

  • Prepare cookie dough of mortar that is not too dry or soggy. When the mortar rests, prepare the area by clearing loose debris. Apply the mortar to the crown and form mortar into apex with peak at the crown sloping down the edges.
  • The second step is restoring the brick joints. You can restore the joints with tuck pointing. Prepare the area for mortar adhesion. Apply mortar to the joint with a pointing trowel. For tighter joints, use your fingers. You need to ensure that the mortar packed tightly whenever it is applied. Clear the excess mortar and fill up the void. Keep churning the mortar for consistency in thickness.
  • The last step is installation of cap and the screen. You need to install a cap to prevent the rainwater from seeping through or entering the structure of the home.

For carrying chimney repair and installation, you can follow the manual or instruction booklet. A lot depends on the type of weather your region experiences.

If the cracks are smaller, you can probably use a chimney seal. It can save a lot of money if you can carry out licensed chimney contractor. Apply the seal with a trowel and fill up the cracks.

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