How to take care of your rugs?

How to take care of your rugs?

A lovely rug in the centre of the room completely changes the entire look of the room. In fact, rugs are considered to be the focal point of the room by interior designers. Especially, Persian antique rugs can lift a room from being mediocre to amazing within a few minutes.

However, as carpets and rug get dirty or old, the wow factor of your room also reduces. It is not convenient for anyone to change their rugs or carpets every year. After all, they are quite expensive.

What should you do to keep your rugs in good shape?

Well, a little care goes a long way. By using some simple maintenance and care tips, you will be able to keep your rugs fresh! Consequently, their life will extend and so, they will keep your room lifted for years to come.

In this article, we talk about a number of effective yet simple ways of keeping Persian carpets clean and healthy.  These tips are not complex to carry out. Furthermore, you may even be able to include them in your everyday cleaning schedule.

These tips include:

Prevent the rugs from sharp ends

In case you have put some furniture on the carpet, make sure that the sharp legs of the furniture are not tearing through the carpet. This is not an uncommon sight. Usually, tears occur due to heavy furniture such as sofa, table, and chairs.

In case you have a delicate Silk rug, you need to be even more careful with furniture. More often than not, using furniture with flat bottoms will be much better.

Move the furniture around

Did you know? Carpets may have piles too. In order to prevent pile crushing, make sure that your furniture does not stay in the same spot for very long. So, move the furniture around often.

Sometimes, however, doing so is not very feasible depending on the setup of your living room. However, if it could be done, we recommend doing it!

Do not let stains sit

Even though some carpets are stain-resistant, chances are that they may retain some of it. So, make sure that no stain is allowed to settle in. As soon as you see a stain, make use of soapy water to clean the stain off from the carpet.

Whatever you do, make sure that you are not using a brush or a scrub that carries very rough bristles. This is because carpets can be quite delicate. Hence, they must be dealt with care.

Do not use heavy boots on the carpet

Make it a rule to remove all footwear before stepping on the carpet. Boots and stilettos are the biggest culprits of carpet damage. Furthermore, light shoes and slippers are not better either.

Footwear usually goes through a lot on the roads. We do not even know what our shoes have picked up out there. All the dirt coming in from footwear may even cause a mite infestation in the carpet.

Keep the carpet away from sunlight

Exposure to sunlight may be one of the biggest reasons for damage to new rugs. Due to the radiation coming from the sun, carpets tend to lose their colour and texture quite fast. So make sure that your carpet is not exposed to the sun.

Ending note

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, there are also several other general care ideas. For instance, we also suggest you to vacuum clean the carpets on a daily basis. This especially applies to traditional rugs Northern VA, as they tend to be a little bit thicker. Hence, there is more room for dust to settle in. In case you use all of these care tips, we assure you that your rugs will last for a lifetime.

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