Are cranes covered by insurance policies?

Are cranes covered by insurance policies?

In industrialized countries like America and European countries space is limited and the need for space is increasing day by day.   Some construction firms which are in its starting days often rent cranes from crane rentals as they do not have enough money to invest for buying new cranes. More and more companies are being started and more and more people are coming to the cities of these countries in search of jobs. Rapid increase in population and lack of space necessitates upward movement of buildings.  In the construction of multi storied buildings cranes play a crucial role as they are used for transporting material to the top and for many other purposes in the construction of high rise buildings. Thus cranes have become an invaluable asset of every construction firm.

Hire crane rentals

For a crane contractor to start operating he must obtain a license from the state where he is residing. For applying for license the operator should have at least 1000 hours operational experience in cranes and should possess sound physical health.

The insurance companies provide the following types of coverage for the crane.

General liability

General liability policies provide coverage for all damages caused by the crane during its operation. Bodily injuries, property damages etc arising out of the crane’s operations are covered under this policy. So  if a building or a bystander is hurt while operating the crane, the owner of the crane or the person who has taken the crane on rent need not get upset as all the expenses in this regard will be met by the insurer.

Property and equipment

This is a particular type of insurance policy intended to cover all the damages caused to the crane during its use. It also includes the replacement of the damaged parts if necessary.  This policy also includes coverage for loss of rent as a result damage caused to the crane and it included the damages that may be caused as a result of overload and similar matters.

Workers compensation

This policy is intended to cover the protection of the workers operating the crane or others engaged in construction work. Any injury to them or damages to their equipment etc are covered under this policy. If any treatment is necessitated in connection with the operation of the crane, all such expenses will be met by the insurance company.

Umbrella liability

This is a special policy intended to cover any other expenses not included in the above mentioned policies. It also included the owners personal risk coverage. It also protects any loss that may occur to cranes for rent va as a result of natural calamities like earthquake or flood.

Points examined by crane insurance companies before providing insurance to a crane

  • Injuries caused from falling debris being lifted by the crane.
  • Injuries that are caused by the swinging boom an extended arm of the crane.
  • Injuries caused by slips or falls during the operation of the crane
  • Injuries caused to children who find crane as an attractive plaything
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