Is Your Furnace Smell Like Something Burning?

Is Your Furnace Smell Like Something Burning?

In order to work appropriately, timely maintenance of heating devices is mandatory. The poor maintenance will not only affect their work efficiency, but also create safety hazards. One of the heat devices which require regular maintenance and inspection is furnace. The furnace might be installed in any alcove of your house but its maintenance should be your important concern. A constant burning smell in your home will give an alarming signal that there is something wrong with your furnace. The duration of the burning smell is essential in analyzing the severity of the problem.

Burning Smell from the Furnace

It is important to pay attention over unusual smells originating from your heating devices. The heating devices are one of the major reasons behind house fires, and thus you are required to take the issues related to heating device seriously. By doing this, you can protect your abode and people residing in it from the fire hazards.

Is your furnace Normal?

A few smells from your furnace are common, but others could be indication of serious troubles. Such smell could suggest many possibilities, ranging from fire risk to minor furnace issues that are easy to fix. Knowing which the case is….. will allow you to take the right action at the right time. The reason behind a burning smell from furnace could be:

  • Dirty Filter
  • Combustion chamber dust
  • Contact with object
  • Blower Malfunction

The dust may have accrued in your furnace over the months and might come up when you turned on your equipment for the first time. When the dust gets burned completely, the smell may disperse. In order to avoid this problem, you should probably think about starting a new season with new filter. Yes, you should probably think about the dirty filter replacement. Actually, if lots of dust particles, come into your notice, then you should clean the furnace before using it.

In case, dust is not the reason behind the burning smell and you are unable to discover the actual reason behind it, you should call a professional technician for an inspection of heating equipment. This will help give safe and secure start to your winters.

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